Technical Consulting

Norwegian Center for energy Optimization (Neon As) is an industry leader in providing consulting, engineering, inspection and environmental expertise to our valued clients with Building Industries. With two regional locations and multiple project offices strategically positioned as required, NEON is poised to effectively support your project needs, wherever they may be.


Neon’s proven service record of accomplishments extends for providing exceptional quality, innovative management and professional integrity in design, management and engineering. Our dynamic staff project managers, inspectors engineers, designers and environmental and regulatory specialists, all understands that successful partnerships with our clients depend on consistently delivering beyond expectations.



NEON AS (Norwegian Inspection Center for Energy Optimization), is a “knowledge Based “center active in BEMS, HVAC as well as Petroleum.


HVAC Technology

NEON AS offers reliable solutions for heating, cooling ventilation and air condition. Our products perfectly integrate into solutions that make our customers’ lives easier.


Our passion is to continually provide and improve solutions for residential, commercial and public environments, thus enriching peoples’ way of life.


Neon AS has long traditions and extensive know-how as a, indoor climate and infrastructure system consultant. Moreover we support customers in creating solutions that ideally and sustainably fulfil their business needs.


HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and sanitation. HVAC technology includes the technical systems / installations in buildings is responsible for an energy-efficient way to account for the indoor climate (heating, cooling and ventilation) and provide the building with hot and cold potable water, and diverting sewage and rainwater. For HVAC technology also includes sprinklers for fire protection, gas installations in hospitals and laboratories as well as technical insulation.


Installing Heat pumps;


  •  Air source heat pump – a profitable investment

A heat pump provides comfortable indoor temperatures and clean indoor air from the first day. You will see significant long-term impact of the investment, as you will reduce your heating costs for your home by up to 55%. A heat pump can also be used for air conditioning



  • Air-water heat pumps 


Reduce your heating costs by up to 60%. Produces heat, hot water and cooling (optional). Perfect if you have an electric or oil furnace and replacing your heating system.


  • Geothermal heating 


Our Guaranteed geothermal heat pump reduces your heating costs by up to 50%. Geothermal heat pump is speed controlled and adapts constantly looking for housing needs, ie, it is never oversized nor undersized – it’s perfectly simply!


With our guaranteed heat pump package, you get: A unique package of house control, installation, and remote control via smartphone 5 year warranty and free telephone support


Installing underfloor system


Hydronic floor heating is almost always the best choice. Remember that the floor heating must be installed by professionals. It is easy to put the hose but have you thought of other conditions, such as soil moisture and the right loop lengths, etc.


Neon As is independent installer of underfloor heating which we always first and foremost try to find the best solution for the property owner’s needs. But we are happy to recommend Swedish material supplier.

5-year warranty when you purchase the material by us.


Save 30-40% energy with Heat Recovery system


If you live in a villa from the 70-80s who have only the exhaust air from toilets and kitchen – where the supply air is supplied to the house through vents with natural – is a lot to save. Install ventilation with heat recovery, you can save more than 30% of your heating costs. It requires that you install a unit with 80% efficiency – which is standard on the market today. It requires that you already have triple-glazed windows and the house in general is built in so you do not have abnormal traits.

If instead you build new, and you decide to build a house with passive house technology can reduce your heating costs by 60% compared with consumption in a newly normal house. To succeed requires ventilation with heat recovery because the house is extremely tight and well-insulated. A villa built as a passive house is 1-2% more expensive than a normal house, which means you save on the extra cost of 1-2 years.


5-year warranty when you purchase the material by us.



Solar heating and Cooling


New business opportunities with solar heating and cooling

The idea is also to make it easier for home owners to find solar systems that suit their circumstances.

Together with our Scandinavian Partners we are going to offer Solar heating and Cooling package which will make it easier for suppliers to promote solar heating and cooling systems for all buildings from single-family homes up to complexes.



The system described is a system with hot & cold water system (or accumulator) for houses with electric heating and heat pump, both with storage tank for the house water radiators and / or underfloor heating.

5-year warranty when you purchase the material by us.



Ventilation Technology.


Ventilation is to provide healthy indoor air – air that makes us feel good. It will remove the old, bad air, and it will bring in clean, fresh air to the rooms.


In a house will take air into the room where people regularly staying for longer periods of time (such as bedrooms and living room), while the areas where they are short of time can be flowed through by the air from the other rooms. It removes air from the room where pollution is greatest, that is, from kitchens, bathrooms and other wet areas.



 Detail HVAC simulation 


The Macro simulation based on Design Builder simulation tool (the detail HVAC module) will be employed to provide accurate information on how buildings utilize energy, helping building owners to identify energy waste, adjust automated systems, and ultimately save money by reducing excess expenditures




DesignBuilder is an EnergyPlus base simulation toolkit systems provides with a prioritized list for saving money through reduced energy consumption. The results can also provide valuable information on wasting most of the energy through the system. The smart HVAC systems, provides a better environment for the people who occupy your building will be achieved.


The following operative parameters will be optimized by the simulation>

– Mechanical Ventilation and Air distribution

– Fan operation mode

– Outside air definition method

–  Heating and Cooling Methods

–  Humidity Control

–  DHW – Domestic Hot Water control

–  Natural Ventilation

–  Air Temperature Distribution


CFD- HVAC simulation 


In the following the micro CFD simulation tool (again Design builder CFD) will be employed to provide a detail indoor air quality information as well as  local weather information helping with design optimization of the  measure energy consumption on different HVAC schedules, , and energy interval data.


Technical services


Neon As work with all types of service and plumbing works, everything from changing a faucet gaskets to service the entire property including: heat pumps- and geothermal heat pumps, solar cooling and heating systems for small and large properties. Both businesses and individuals are of course welcome!


– Grantee and Warranty,   As a Norwegian Based company we would grantee the Quality of products and installations up to 5 years,

– Free Services, includes in the two years after our major installation.

– Flexibility, we are not brand-dependent but choose the best suited to the conditions.

– Fixed or hourly based price, for complete plant or parts thereof.

– Customized solution;  Through our personal service and contact, we can offer a customized solution and the heat pump that works best for you and your property whether for air / water heat pump or geothermal heat pump. The combination with a wide choice and we are not brand dependent mean that we also can offer you the best solution at a competitive price for you as well as the best solution at a competitive price.

– Installing underfloor heating in Stockholm?

– Underfloor heating/ Cooling, We help you to install underfloor heating/ cooling so that you get a safe solution that gives you and your building a suitable climate floor. Our goal is to give you a personal contact, good service and a solution that will suit you and your needs!

– Heating, Cooling, HVAC and CFD simulation, Simulation will be employed to optimize the energy consumption, reduce the waste of the energy, find the best indoor air condition, and all together help to design the best HVAC system to support the energy needs and IAQ

– AT the Emergency Service department we work with everything from emergency water leaks, blockages in sewage, boiler repairs, and installation of heat pump, replacement of water heaters, toilet seats or mixers / taps. We leave obvious fixed price if desired.