Smart Industrial Energy Audit

 Advanced Industrial Simulation and Energy Audit


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Energy audit: rules, procedures and importance of the energy analysis of facilities

In Industrial Automation, the energy audit, or energy analysis, consists in verifying and optimizing the energy efficiency of a production plant. In other words, it’s aimed to collect information about the real energy consumption during production processes and corporate activities, so as to allow clients to take the necessary measures in order to improve the situation.

In fact, today, as highlighted by the fifth edition of the Energy Efficiency Report, energy efficiency must be considered as “action priority” for the sustainability of our industry. That is why ESA Automation has developed a range of Smart Meter and Data Manager Solutions.


HVAC Competence Building


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Cost effective designs and efficient, low maintenance operation schemes are key requirements for survival in today’s industrial establishments.

Significant amounts of wasted energy may occur annually because of many reasons, typically in the form of heat loss, and electric power losses and low power factor operating equipment.

Energy audit simulations offer several powerful capabilities, one of which is the ability to identify the most influential building design and operating parameters, as well as and energy conservation initiative levels.


How to do an energy audit

Most of the companies specialized in energy consultancy are ESCO, that is societies that operate energy efficiency interventions on production processes and industrial infrastructures. Energy audit today is not a simple strategic advantage that guarantees maximum optimization, but a real obligation for all companies.


The combination of Process simulation (Macro simulation) and Component CFD- computational Fluid Dynamic, CFD simulation (Micro Simulation) can provide extremely important information to analyse the impact of different operational factors and depict the relationships between various input design, operation and conservation initiative data parameters and output energy audit performance indices.


Various studies in different countries have shown that significant energy-efficiency improvement opportunities exist in the industrial sector, many of which are cost-effective. These energy-efficiency options include both cross-cutting as well as sector-specific measures. However, industrial plants are not always aware of energy-efficiency improvement potentials. Conducting an energy audit is one of the first steps in identifying these potentials. However, usually only limited technical and financial resources for improving energy efficiency are available, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Information on energy auditing and practices should, therefore, be prepared and disseminated to industrial plants.