Planning & Building Act (PBL)

Boverket Certifierade kontrollansvariga enligt gällande (PBL),  besiktning or building, for buying and selling building

Certifierade kontrollansvariga enligt gällande PBL

 A Control Manager under the PBA, abbreviated KA, sometimes also referred to as certified control manager, must help the developer to ensure that all checks are made as necessary to the requirements of the construction law. When performing most of the construction, demolition and notification measures shall be responsible for checks. In the Planning and Building Act 10th chapter defines what the demands placed on control manager, and what his duties are.


The main requirements imposed on a control manager is that he must have the knowledge, experience and aptitude needed, and that he has an independent position in relation to the person performing the action that should be checked.

Control manager’s main tasks is to develop the builder’s plan for the control (self-control under the PBA) and be sure to check the compliance. It must be ensured that the relevant checks, claims on them must therefore be involved in the control plan and should also be performed. And that the rules and conditions are complied with. In case of deviations, the building owner is informed and necessary the Planning announced, for example, would be in the event that the deviations affect the structural resistance and stability the latter could be justified. If a declaration of performance is suspected to be inaccurate or misleading shall be reported to the National Board of Housing




What is a Building Inspection?

A building inspection of a villa or an apartment is an inspection carried out before making a purchase to get out of the house or apartment has some damage or attacks that cause additional costs to the buyer in the form of renovation or other improvements.

It is the buyer’s duty to find out what the default property.

This kind of inspection will be carried out by inspectors who have the right training and experience in real estate.

Many believe that it is enough that you look through the key areas of self of a property in order to assure the quality before buying, but that is not the case and many believe that just because you do not see any damage so it can of course be no damage property but that is not the case, mold and other deterioration of wood begins before they actually become visible.

A surveyor has many different tools that they use out they have, among other things often brings moisture meter that they can measure the moisture in the wood and in that way to determine at an early stage if there is a risk of mold or if it is purely out already is mold just that it has not been visible yet.



Can I use the service of an apartment inspection?

You can of course use the service to make a transfer inspection of an apartment whether you are a seller or buyer.


Welcome to approach Neon As, here you will find surveyors from all over Sweden that can perform the necessary inspection to you.


Problems in wet areas like laundry room or bathroom is a common occurrence and is hard to discover yourself.


Should you buy an apartment in an older building, we strongly recommend making sure that a radon measurement (short-term measurement in 1 week) included in the survey, radon is namely common in older buildings, is a health risk that is important to know before making a purchase.


Is a request binding?

An inquiry by the form is non-binding, you can then receive quotes without having to feel forced to conclude agreements with any of them if you feel that none of them can offer you an attractive price.


How long does a transfer inspection?

The practical work on site usually takes about 2-4 hours for a normal sized home. Most paper work is carried out during the time the inspection is in progress where the surveyor uses a checklist and detailed comments when something is detected.


Should I be present during the inspection?

You should be in place during the inspection, it does not mean that you should follow every step the person takes, it is enough that you are on the spot so that he / she may call you to show the deficiencies detected. It is always better to see this on the spot than to read the statement later.



Besiktningsprotokoll (Inspection Report)


An inspection report is the result of a property inspection, there goes the inspector through the different parts of the house such as this has been inspected and note any flaws and what measures should be done. An inspection report may contain different amounts of information about the property, depending on which parts of the house and the plot you have requested inspection of.

You can get access to the inspection report after a few days after the inspection, then read through the record and overlay defects in the property, do you feel that the property is in good condition you can do with good security safe house purchase. Do you consider that the deficiencies are too big property so you should not buy the house or bargain down the price of the property with access from the property has deficiencies that must be addressed