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The total energy demand of a building is the sum of the energy required for heating, ventilation, hot water, electricity for pumps and fans, other building electricity and household electricity. Energy demand is expected partly because it is included as an important post since the operating costs of a building shall be determined and assess the total life cost of an investment and partly to check that regulatory requirements on good energy for a building is met. Life Quotes should only be used for a change in the building envelope, for example, additional insulation as an investment, for example, a new component in an air handling unit.


The heat demand of a building is of two kinds: first, the amount of energy heating systems shall deliver the one that is spent in the ventilation system air heat battery. To calculate the heating needs are several different methods to resort, from simple own calculation methods to advanced computational methods. In this section shown how easily can estimate the heat requirement by means of a so called degree hour method.


energy audit in building

energy audit in building

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  • It is a technical control that buildings must be pass, this type of maintenance, is periodically subjected to buildings, conducting a review of the elements affecting the safety of the building and the people who inhabit it.



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