Building Energy Audit using Design Builder

Smart Energy Audit Workshop on Low Energy Passive House design using Design Builder software (SEB- Audit)

  • Theoretical Education on Advanced Heat & Mass transfer
  • Theoretical Education on HVAC Design and Calculation
  • Lecture on“ Principles of Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD)
  • Learning and practical training with Design Builder Software
  • Learning and Practical Training on Detail HVAC simulation with Design Builder Software
  • Learning and Practical Training on CFD simulation with Design Builder Software
  • Introduction to Boverket Vocational Training: CEX ( Building Energy Expert) and OVK ( Compulsory Ventilation Control Check)



The objective of this workshop is to introduce DesignBuilder to the PhD and M.Sc students who would like to use EnergyPlus simulation tool to model and design Low energy house performance of buildings ( Passive house), but without the complexities of working with arcane input file editor.


Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system can be the largest energy consuming system in a commercial building. Correct load estimation and energy efficient design of the HVAC system translates into lower capital cost, operational expense and lower greenhouse emissions.


The application of the CFD in building industry would probably be one of the useful tools for prediction of indoor thermal environment, which save time, cost, energy and resources. In this case, CFD is applied to predict the thermal performance of room with modified indoor Air quality Condition.


Introduction to Boverket Vocational Training for those who will enter the building energy market in Sweden will also be discussed. In particular CEX (Building Energy Expert) and OVK (Compulsory Ventilation Control Check- Certified special function controllers)


DesignBuilder is the most comprehensive and powerful graphical user interface for EnergyPlus. This hands-on training will provide general overview and introduction to building energy analysis using DesignBuilder. The trainees will learn to quickly setup a building model, change the building parameters using components and templates and run the simulation.


The Energy audit of the building can be used to measure and record real energy consumption in building and consequently minimizing energy consumption.


Course Outline::


– Lecture on“Advanced Heat & Mass transfer”:

– Lecture on“ Principles of Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD)”:

– Learning and training with Design Builder Software (DB):

– Make a geometry and visualize it

– Heating and cooling design based on Energy plus engine and Ashare weather data for different building zones and different time

– HVAC design and operation

– Energy simulation over a time period (days, months and years) for different zone

– CFD simulation to analyse the impact of different parameters and objectives on the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

– Performing a practical projects using DB under supervision of teachers:



Practical Notes:

  • Organizer: Neon As
  • Instructor: Professor Jafar Mahmoudi, PhD ( his CV is attached)
  • IMPORTANT: the venue does not provide computers; therefore ALL participants MUST have their own laptop computers with administrator/installation rights.
  • Prior experience: building physics, building energy efficiency, basic knowledge of CAD, experience with other simulation tools. Individuals who design, specify, build, commission, maintain and/or market HVAC systems will benefit most from this workshop.
  • For more information on EnergyPlus and DesignBuilder, visit